General Knowledge Question Answer | Set – 17

For cracking any competition exams, general knowledge is mandatory. general knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam, so we thought of a system that will help people in Current Affairs.

Q.What is the approximate height of any geostationary satellite from the earth’s surface (in km)?

ANS:- 36000

Q. The study of the relation of animals and plants to their surroundings is called__________

ANS:- Ecology

Q. Ramcharitmanas is an epic poem written in which language?

ANS:- Awadhi

Q. Who attends the Congress of Oppressed Nationalist at Brussels in 1927, on behalf of the National Congress?

ANS:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Q. ”Trade unions” is listed in the __________ list given in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India.

ANS:- Concurrent

Q. Satpura National Park is located in the Hoshangabad district of which of the following state?

ANS:- Madhya Pradesh

Q. Who was the last British Governor-General who addressed the Constituent Assembly—

ANS:- Lord Mountbatten

Q. Which city to host the main event of 4th International Yoga Day celebrations (IDY-2018)?

ANS:- Dehradun

Q. Who has won the International Cricketer of the Year at the CEAT Cricket Rating awards?

ANS:- Virat Kohli

Q. Officially what is the conventional name of Bangladesh?

ANS:- People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Q. There is a total _________ parliamentary seats (Rajya Sabha constituency) in Sikkim.

ANS:- 1

Q. The alimentary canal is a long tube that extends from ______.

ANS:- Mouth to anus

Q. Who compared the Dandi March to Napoleon’s March to Paris on his return from Elba?

ANS:- Subhash Chandra Bose

Q. The Sanskrit drama which describes Chandragupta Maurya’s triumph over the Nanda is

ANS:- Mudrarakshasa

Q. The Pallava king who adopted the epithet of Vichitrachitta or curious-minded was

ANS:- Mahendravarman I

Q. Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?

ANS:- Tamil Nadu

Q. The sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals in India was:

ANS:- Firuz Shah Tughluq

Q. Who is the head of Municipal Corporation?

ANS:- Mayor

Q. Magnetic Meridian is a –

ANS:- The magnetic meridian is an equivalent imaginary line connecting the magnetic south and north poles. A compass needle will be parallel to the magnetic meridian.

Q. Who has authored the book ‘The Unseen Indira Gandhi’?

ANS:- Dr. K. P. Mathur

Q. Which state government will launch the awareness program “Sanskar” against superstition?

ANS:- Assam

Q. Punjab has a large number of inundation canals drawing water from?

ANS:- Sutlej River

Q. During which Five Year Planning was NABARD established?

ANS:- Sixth

Q. Which of the following rulers started the Mughal style of painting?

ANS:- Humayun

Q. Which of the following is related to the Tinkathiya Pratha?

ANS:- Champaran

Q. How did the Lakshadweep islands of the group originate?

ANS:- Coral origin

Q. In which of the following region midnight Sun is visible?

ANS:- In Arctic area

Q. What is an isthmus?

ANS:- An isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger landmasses and separates two bodies of water. Isthmuses have been strategic locations for centuries.

Q. Farraka barrage is a major reason for contention between India and ___________.

ANS:- Bangladesh

Q. Who among the following is a recipient of Nobel Prize 2018 in the field of Physiology or medicine?

ANS:- James P. Allison

Q. Which Lok Sabha speaker has authored the book ‘Matoshree’?

ANS:- Sumitra Mahajan

Q. UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site ‘Humayun Tomb’ was constructed by-

ANS:- Hamida Banu Begum

Q. Under Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY), there will be an assured periodic return over the tenure of ______.

ANS:- 10 years

Q. In India, who is known as the highest law officer?

ANS:- Attorney General of India

Q. According to the Indian Constitution, the Union ______ body is called the Parliament.

ANS:- Legislative

Q. Which state government has recently declared official symbols for the state?

ANS:- Andhra Pradesh

Q. _________________ is a measure of the moisture in air.

ANS:- Humidity

Q. ______ is a constitutional body in India.

ANS:- Election Commission

Q. Which Constitutional Amendment Act added Part IX-A ‘The Municipalities’ to Indian Constitution?

ANS:- 74th Constitutional Amendment Act

Q. The Ryotwari settlement was introduced by the British in the—

ANS:- Madras and Bombay Presidencies

Q. Which five-year plan recognized human development as the core of all developmental efforts?

ANS:- Eighth Five Year Plan

Q. Which among the following is also known as a chief law officer of Government of India?

ANS:- Attorney General of India

Q. What is the term of office of the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

ANS:- Six years or 65 years of age

Q. Lakshadweep’s High Court is located in which state of India?

ANS:- Kerala

Q. From which of the following continent, all three latitudes i.e. equator, tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn pass?

ANS:- Africa

Q. Which is the highest quality of hard coal?

ANS:- Anthracite

Q. WIMAX stands for

ANS:- Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

Q. “A Horse walks into a Bar” is written by?

ANS:- David Grossman

Q. Core Industries are-

ANS:- Basic Industries

Q. Which of the following is the second highest mountain peak in the world?

ANS:- Godwin Austen

Q. Pakistan is located in which part of Asia?

ANS:- Southern Asia

Q. The swift movement of the falling water droplets along with the rising air creates lightning and sound. It is this event that we call a ________________.

ANS:- Thunderstorm

Q. Which type of city administration controls larger urban areas?

ANS:- Municipal Corporation

Q. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, a person can move to a High Court if his Fundamental Rights are breached?

ANS:- Article 226

Q. Who elects the members of Rajya Sabha?

ANS:- Elected members of the Legislative Assembly

Q. The Contingency Fund of the state is operated by

ANS:- The Governor

Q. Where is the Pushkar Fair held?

ANS:- Rajasthan

Q. Kaziranga National Park is the only natural habitat of the endangered?

ANS:- One-Horned Rhinos

Q. How many Indian states share their boundaries with Nepal?

ANS:- 5 (Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and Sikkim)

Q. The Secretariat of SAARC is set up at ____________.

ANS:- Kathmandu

Q. The outermost range of Himalays is called_________.

ANS:- Shiwaliks

Q. Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritwa Abhiyan provides the facility of free health check-up and required treatment on _____ day of every month.

ANS:- 9th

Q. What was invented by J. B. Dunlop?

ANS:- Rubber Tyre

Q. Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the direct control of

ANS:- Speaker of Lok Sabha

Q. An amendment of the constitution may be initiated _____

ANS:- By the introduction of a Bill in either House of Parliament

Q. Which one of the following is not a non-conventional source of energy?

ANS:- Natural Gas

Q. The layer where the decrease in temperature with increasing altitude is totally absent is –

ANS:- Stratosphere

Q. Abul Fazal was the son of which Sufi saint?

ANS:- Sheikh Mubarak

Q. Who introduced the Mansabdari system in India?

ANS:- Akbar

Q. Which state government launched a new policy for land registration and an insurance scheme for farmers?

ANS:- Telangana

Q. The main objective of the 12th five-year plan was?

ANS:- Faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth

Q. The Working Committee of National Congress sanctioned the resolution named ‘Quit India’ at –

ANS:- Wardha

Q. There are total _________ parliamentary seats (Rajya Sabha constituency) in Sikkim.

ANS:- 1

Q. ”Why I am Hindu ?” is written by?

ANS:- Shashi Tharoor

Q. Which state hosted the first meeting of the NITI Forum for North East?

ANS:- Tripura

Q. Which app has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for government services?

ANS:- Umang

Q. Rainfall caused by intense evaporation in equatorial areas is called _____________.

ANS:- Convectional rainfall

Q. Nandadevi peak is located in ____________ State.

ANS:- Uttarakhand

Q. The Andaman is separated from Nicobar by which water body?

ANS:- 10° Channel

Q. Who was Prithviraj Chauhan’s father?

ANS:- Someshwar Chauhan

Q. The famous Saint Chaitanya of Bengal was a contemporary of which of the following?

ANS:- Alauddin Husain Shah

Q. Which freedom fighter was popularly known as `Deshbandhu’?

ANS:- Chittaranjan Das

Q. The Swaraj Party was organized by

ANS:- CR Das and Motilal Nehru

Q. Who invented the first working laser?

ANS:- T. H. Maiman

Q. Which union ministry will organize the International Yoga Fest 2018?

ANS:- Ministry of AYUSH

Q. Name the state where the density of population is the lowest

ANS:- Arunachal Pradesh

Q. Who among the following is known as ‘the liberator of the press’?

ANS:- Sir Charles Metcalfe

Q. Where and when was the Ghadar Party founded?

ANS:- America, 1913

Q. The goods which people consume more when their price rises are called _______.

ANS:- Giffen goods

Q. ”United Nations Organization” is listed in the __________ list given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India.

ANS:- Union

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