General Knowledge Question Answer | Set – 19

For cracking any competition exams, general knowledge is mandatory. general knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam, so we thought of a system that will help people in Current Affairs.

Q.Hygrometer is used to measure ?

ANS:-  Level of humidity

Q. Slug is unit of –

ANS:-  Mass

Q. The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to –

ANS:-  Capillary action

Q. “ World Environment Day” is celebrated on:

ANS:-  5 June

Q. Which of the following salts in water causes “Blue Baby Syndrome”?

ANS:-  Nitrates

Q. Which of the following will be India’s first solar mission ?

ANS:-  Aditya-L1 mission

Q. Under whose chairmanship the 15th Finance Commission has been constituted by the Union Government?

ANS:-  NK Singh

Q. Who is the author of the book ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ ?

ANS:-  Arundhati Roy

Q. How many squares are there in a Chess board ?

ANS:-  64

Q. Cholera is caused by-

ANS:-  Bacteria

Q. Which of the following is not contagious disease?

ANS:-  Hysteria

Q. The National Defence Academy is located at :

ANS:-  Khadakvasla

Q. Who rendered the English translation of the Indian National song?

ANS:-  ShriAurobindo

Q. Indravati, Pranhita and Sabari are important tributaries of which of these rivers?

ANS:-  Godavari

Q. Which one of the following is a rich source of Vitamin A?

ANS:-  Carrot root

Q. Which of the following food crops is produced maximum in India?

ANS:-  Rice

Q. Which of the following places receive minimum rainfall?

ANS:-  Leh

Q. The main aim of First Five- Year Plans was-

ANS:-  Agricultural growth

Q. The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in

ANS:-  Maharashtra

Q. Masai is a tribe of which of the following country?

ANS:-  Kenya

Q. The layer above the Earth’s surface is called ______.

ANS:-  Crust

Q. Bhutan does not share its border with which Indian state

ANS:-  Meghalaya

Q. Who said, “The Child is the father of man”?

ANS:-  William Wordsworth

Q. Where did Gautam Buddha preach his first Sermon?

ANS:-  Sarnath

Q. Study of sound is called?

ANS:-  Acoustics

Q. The city with the greatest population amongst the following is

ANS:-  Delhi

Q. During whose time was the lqta system popular?

ANS:-  During the time of Delhi

Q. Mercury is the _______ planet from the Sun.

ANS:- 1st

Q. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is in which state?

ANS:-  Uttar Pradesh

Q. “Ganga Sagar Mela” fair is held in which state?

ANS:-  West Bengal

Q. Where is the Samadhi of Guru Gobind Singh located?

ANS:-  Nanded

Q. The Lena river passes through which country?

ANS:-  Russia

Q. Mars is the _______ planet from the Sun.

ANS:-  4th

Q. Which city is located on the banks of the river Alaknanda?

ANS:-  Badrinath

Q. Where was the first session of Indian NationalCongress held?

ANS:-  Bombay

Q. Which of the following English papers was essentially the mouth-piece of the policies of liberals?

ANS:-  Leader

Q. Who among the following gave monistic theory of sovereignty?

ANS:-  Austin

Q. Who is the chief executive head of state ?

ANS:-  Governor

Q. Where did Rigvedic Aryans live in India?

ANS:-  Sapta Sindhu area

Q. The Treaty of Pondicherry was signed in __________.

ANS:-  1754

Q. Under Constitutional Article 243D, in Panchayat who gets reservation—

ANS:-  Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes

Q. Who makes composition of Panchayat under Constitutional Article 243(C)—

ANS:-  Legislature of State

Q. Which Constitutional Article define `Municipalities’—

ANS:-  Article 243Q

Q. The single biggest item of British capital investment in India was

ANS:-  Railways

Q. The Great Himalayan National Park is in which state?

ANS:-  Himachal Pradesh

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