General Knowledge Question Answer | Set – 22

For cracking any competition exams, general knowledge is mandatory. general knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam, so we thought of a system that will help people in Current Affairs.

Q. A Unitary form of government is that in which all the powers are concentrated in the hands of –

ANS:-  Central government

Q. What is the minimum age for membership to Rajya Sabha?

ANS:-  30 years

Q. The minimum age limit for the membership of the Vidhan Parishad is _____.

ANS:-  30 years

Q. Indian Citizenship is granted by

ANS:-  The Ministry of Home Affairs

Q. Who among the following is the Chairman of the National Integration Council?

ANS:-  The Prime Minister

Q. When did India become a fully Sovereign Democratic Republic—

ANS:-  26th Jan. 1950

Q. Within what period, the Parliament has to approve Financial emergency declared by the President—

ANS:-  Two Months

Q. The antiparticle of an electron is –

ANS:-  Positron

Q. Provision was made by the Charter Act of 1813 for the establishment of a Church at____________.

ANS:-  Calcutta

Q. As per the Act of 1853 the Governor-General’s Council was enlarged for the purpose of

ANS:-  Legislation

Q. Himalayan mountain range falls under which type of mountains?

ANS:-  Fold Mountain

Q. ‘Norwesters’ are thunder storms which are prominent in _____.

ANS:-  India and Bangladesh

Q. Kyoto Protocol’s (an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) first meeting was held at which country?

ANS:-  Japan

Q. Alps mountain range is located in which continent?

ANS:-  Europe

Q. Money bills can be introduced in the state legislature with the prior consent of

ANS:-  The President

Q. Provision was made by the Charter Act of 1813 for the establishment of a Church at____________.

ANS:-  Calcutta

Q. The last of the Charter Act concerning India was the Act of

ANS:-  1853

Q. Who did not find a place in the Legislative Council as per the Act of 1853?

ANS:-  The Lieutenant Governor

Q. The members of the Board of Control must be paid from

ANS:-  Indian Revenues

Q. The plateau that has both West and East flowing drainage system is –

ANS:-  Malwa

Q. Which is the warmest layer of the atmosphere?

ANS:-  Thermosphere

Q. The Siachin Glacier’s melting waters are the main source of which of the following rivers :

ANS:-  Nubra

Q. Octopus belongs to the phylum –

ANS:-  Mollusca

Q. Medulla oblongata is a part of which of the following?

ANS:-  Brain

Q. Who decides allotment of symbols to Political Parties—Article 324 of Constitution

ANS:-  Election Commission

Q. Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 was made by the Central Govt. in consultation with which commission—

ANS:-  Election Commission

Q. The Act of 1833 concentrated the legislative powers in the hands  of

ANS:-  Governor-General in Council

Q. The longest river of peninsular India is

ANS:-  Godavari

Q. In ‘annular’ pattern, rivers flow

ANS:-  like a ring

Q. Which of the following is called “brown paper”?

ANS:-  Jute

Q. What is the literal meaning of ‘Certiorari’?

ANS:-  To be certified (or) to be informed

Q. Who among the following is not a member of any of the two houses of our country?

ANS:-  President

Q. Which article of Indian constitution has the provision for National Emergency?

ANS:-  Article 352

Q. Which place did the British construct their first port in India?

ANS:-  Chennai

Q. At which of the following places did Hyder Ali built a modern arsenal?

ANS:-  Dindigul

Q. Lokamanya  Bal  Gangadhar  Tilak hailed form

ANS:-  Maharashtra

Q. The famous ‘Hawa Mahal’ is in which city of Rajasthan?

ANS:-  Jaipur

Q. The northern plain of India has been formed by the interplay of the three major river systems, namely– the Indus, the Ganga and the ___________.

ANS:-  Brahmaputra

Q. Thegroup of stars arranged in a definite pattern is called

ANS:-  Constellation

Q. Which planet takes the longest time to go around the sun?

ANS:-  Neptune

Q. Who is the head of the state council of ministers?

ANS:-  The Chief Minister

Q. Which country is not a member of Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)?

ANS:-  Pakistan

Q. A member of the council of ministers can hold office without being a member of the state legislature for a maximum period of

ANS:-  Six months

Q. Which one of the following is a bad Thermal Conductor?

ANS:-  Glass

Q. Who invented first working laser?

ANS:-  T. H. Maiman

Q. Who among the following used Hughly as the base for piracy in the Bay of Bengal?

ANS:-  The Portuguese

Q. Who planted the “Tree of Liberty’ at Srirangapatnam ?

ANS:-  Tipu Sultan

Q. At the earlier stage backward classes movement means?

ANS:-  Non-Brahmin movement

Q. The Scientific Society was founded by

ANS:-  Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Q. Provision was made by the Charter Act of 1813 for the establishment of a Church at____________.

ANS:-  Calcutta

Q. As per the Act of 1853 the Governor-General’s Council was enlarged for the purpose of

ANS:-  Legislation

Q. _______ makes laws on matters included in Union List and Concurrent List.

ANS:-  Lok Sabha

Q. Pagladia Dam Project is located in which state?

ANS:-  Assam

Q. What are Equinox days?

ANS:-  When day and night are equal

Q. The earliest tribal assembly was?

ANS:-  Vidhata

Q. In India who amended the Constitution through the first Amendment Bill 1951—

ANS:-  Parliament

Q. Who among the following holds office during the pleasure of the President?

ANS:-  Governor

Q. Under the British Rule, who was the First Deputy President of Central Legislative Assembly—

ANS:-  Shri Sachchidananda Sinha

Q. Who said ‘As President, I have no eyes but constitutional eyes. I cannot see you’—

ANS:-  Abraham Lincoln

Q. Who has ample powers under Article 324(1) to make appropriate orders as to the conduct of Elections and cancellation of poll?

ANS:-  Election Commission

Q. After declaration of financial emergency by the President, what is the period of operation without approval by the Parliament—

ANS:-  Two Months

Q. Which one of the following was elected President of India unopposed?

ANS:-  Dr. NeelamSanjiva Reddy

Q. Which one of the following founded the ‘Atmiya Sabha’?

ANS:-  Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q. The main aim of the attacks of Muhammad-bin-Tughluq in south India was

ANS:-  Extension of the empire

Q. To which race did Mahmud Ghazni belong?

ANS:-  Afghan

Q. The most learned medieval Muslim ruler who was well versed in various branches of learning including astronomy, mathematics and medicine was

ANS:-  Muhammad-bin-Tughluq

Q. Who was the first Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Calcutta?

ANS:-  Elijah Impey

Q. Administrative Tribunal is related which article

ANS:-  Article- 323

Q. Who was the first Foreign Minister of free India?

ANS:-  Jawahar Lal Nehru

Q. Japan’s Parliament is known as –

ANS:-  Diet

Q. National Commission for SC and ST shall be made by which constitutional institution—

ANS:-  Parliament

Q. Codes of conduct of the Vedic Society are laid down in

ANS:-  Smritis

Q. Which is the largest organ in human beings?

ANS:-  Skin

Q. Delonix regia Rafin is the scientific name of –

ANS:-  Gulmohar

Q. The process of pollination by birds is also known as –

ANS:-  Ornithophily

Q. Who was elected as the permanent President of the Muslim League in 1908 ?

ANS:-  Aga Khan

Q. Who founded the Satyagraha Ashram at Wardha?

ANS:-  Jamanlal Bajaj

Q. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad started an urdu weekly, the Al-Hilal in ___________

ANS:-  1912

Q. The first Law Minister of Independent India was –

ANS:-  B.R. Ambedkar

Q. The biggest island of the Indian Ocean is

ANS:-  Madagascar

Q. Ganga is a result of confluence of rivers Bhagirathi and Alakananda at which place?

ANS:-  Deva Prayag

Q. What process takes place during the youthful stage of a river?

ANS:-  Valley deepening

Q. Who invented Elevator(Lift)?

ANS:-  E.G Otis

Q. The Attorney General of India is the ___________ of the Government of India.

ANS:-  Chief Law Officer

Q. In which month does the Earth’s Perihelion position occur?

ANS:-  January

Q. During their rule the British persuaded or forced cultivators in Madras to grow __________.

ANS:-  Rice

Q. The Red fort in Delhi was the residence of emperors of which dynasty in the 16th century?

ANS:-  Mugha

Q. During their rule the British persuaded or forced cultivators in Punjab to grow __________.

ANS:-  Wheat

Q. The largest Herbarium of India is located at –

ANS:-  Kolkata

Q. The Arya Mahila Sabha was founded by ?

ANS:-  Pandit Ramabai


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