General Knowledge Question Answer | Set – 24

For cracking any competition exams, general knowledge is mandatory. general knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam, so we thought of a system that will help people in Current Affairs.

Q. Appointments for all India Services are made by –

ANS:-  President

Q. In which year was Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) founded?

ANS:-  1999

Q. The antiparticle of an electron is –

ANS:-  Positron

Q. Particulates (< 1 μm size) remaining suspended in the air indefinitely and transported by wind currents are called

ANS:-  Aerosols

Q. The Constitution of India vests the residuary powers in

ANS:-  Parliament

Q. How many members of the upper house (RajyaSabha) can be nominated by the President of India?

ANS:-  12

Q. Who was the Defence Minister of India during the Indo China War of 1962?

ANS:-  V.K. Krishna Menon

Q. When was the States Reorganization Commission constituted?

ANS:-  1953

Q. The Ghatampur thermal power plant approved by Cabinet is to be set up in –

ANS:-  Uttar Pradesh

Q. Which planet is also referred to as a “Dwarf planet”?

ANS:-  Pluto

Q. Khangchendzonga National Park is in –

ANS:-  Sikkim

Q. Evidence suggests that life on Earth has existed for about______________.

ANS:-  3.5 billion years

Q. Which is the longest national highway in India?

ANS:-  NH44

Q. Who among the following were the pioneers in opening oceanic trade with India?

ANS:-  Portuguese

Q. Where in India, did the Portuguese build their first factory?

ANS:-  Cochin

Q. Judicial activism has enhanced the powers and prestige of

ANS:-  The Supreme Court

Q. The members of the legislative assembly are elected for a term of

ANS:-  Five years

Q. Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed for how many years?

ANS:-  6

Q. Which planet is known as a red planet?

ANS:-  Mars

Q. In which direction does the earth rotates around its axis?

ANS:-  West to east

Q. Which state in India receives the highest rainfall?

ANS:-  Meghalaya

Q. Rajya Sabha member has a tenure of ______ years.

ANS:-  6

Q. The Arab conquest of Sind in 712 AD had taken place under the leadership of

ANS:-  Mohammed-bin-Qasim

Q. Among the following, which Mughal Emperor introduced the policy of Sulh-i-kul?

ANS:-  Akbar

Q. Which of these countries has the longest coastline?

ANS:-  Canada

Q. Which of these coasts receive maximum rain during retreating monsoon?

ANS:-  Coromandal coast

Q. On which date the earth experiences summer solstice? 

ANS:-  June 21

Q. The path of a projectile is called its ______.

ANS:-  Trajectory

Q. Which park also shares its boundaries with Bangladesh?

ANS:-  Sundarbans National Park

Q. In terms of size, Neptune ranks no. ___ in our Solar System.

ANS:-  4

Q. Abu Dhabi is the Capital City of _____.

ANS:-  United Arab Emirates

Q. Bicameral Legislature means –

ANS:-  Lower and Upper Chamber

Q. Article 343 of the Indian Constitution is about –

ANS:-  Hindi as an official language

Q. How many members of the Rajya Sabha are elected every two years?

ANS:-  One third

Q. Chandigarh was designed by

ANS:-  Le Corbusier

Q. Amjad All Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments?

ANS:-  Sarod

Q. Khangchendzonga National Park, also known as Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve, is located in ________.

ANS:-  Sikkim

Q. Shimla is the capital of which Indian State?

ANS:-  Himachal Pradesh

Q. The drafting committee wrote the Indian Constitution in which language?

ANS:-  English and Hindi

Q. Fundamental duties are included in the Indian Constitution by the __________ Amendment.

ANS:-  42nd

Q. Who elects the members of Rajya Sabha?

ANS:-  Elected members of the Legislative Assembly

Q. What is the full form of MLA in the Indian Constitution?

ANS:-  Member of Legislative Assembly

Q. Cattle quickly swallow grass and store it in their __________.

ANS:-  Rumen

Q. Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj, founded in 1828?

ANS:-  Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q. Red soil is normally found in India in which regions?

ANS:-  Eastern & Southern part of the Deccan Plateau

Q. The northern part of the west coast in India is known as –

ANS:-  Konkan coast

Q. Which sanctuary in India is famous for Rhinoceros and in which state is it located?

ANS:-  Kaziranga, Assam

Q. Which of the following sources has the largest share in power generation in India?

ANS:-  Thermal power

Q. If the president declares emergency then this proclamation must be approved by the Parliament within _____.

ANS:-  One month

Q. The Governor takes the oath of office by –

ANS:-  Chief Justice of the High Court

Q. Which fundamental right is abolished by the 44th Amendment?

ANS:-  Right to Property

Q. What is the maximum number of Members of the Rajya Sabha?

ANS:-  250

Q. Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?

ANS:-  Wind energy

Q. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is in which state?

ANS:-  Karnataka

Q. The tenure of the members of Lok Sabha is for how many years?

ANS:-  5

Q. District Planning Committee meeting is held at least every-

ANS:-  Quater

Q. Which article of the constitution of India directs its states to initiate for Panchayati Raj?

ANS:-  Article 40

Q. Which of the following is called the Land of White Elephants?

ANS:-  Thailand

Q. The disconnected lines drawn on a map for showing the slope

ANS:-  Hachure

Q. On which date is India likely to experience the shortest day?

ANS:-  December 22

Q. Precipitation in the form of a mixture of rain and snow is called –

ANS:-  Sleet

Q. For the Union Territories that do not have legislative assemblies, laws are passed by

ANS:-  the Parliament

Q. The minimum age limit for the membership of the Vidhan Parishad is _____.

ANS:-  30 years

Q. Who is known as the father of the Green Revolution?

ANS:-  Dr. N E Borlaug

Q. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name of –

ANS:-  Tiger

Q. How many facial bones are there?

ANS:-  14

Q. Crabs belongs to the phylum –

ANS:-  Arthropoda

Q. Halophytes are plants that grow in –

ANS:-  Salt Water

Q. Myopia is a defect of eyes which is also known as –

ANS:-  Near Sightedness

Q. The number of parliamentary seats (Lok Sabha) of Haryana is –

ANS:-  10

Q. Nationalist Congress Party was founded in ______.

ANS:-  1999

Q. Bharatiya Janata Party is a part of which political group?

ANS:-  National Democratic Alliance

Q. The Estimates Committee of Parliament has how many members –

ANS:-  35

Q. In case a State emergency is declared, it needs Parliamentary approval after every _____.

ANS:-  6 months

Q. The Objective Resolution to guide the deliberations of the Assembly was moved by –

ANS:-  Jawaharlal Nehru

Q. In which session of the Indian National Congress did the historic union of Congress and Muslim league take place?

ANS:-  Lucknow

Q. Which of the following leaders presided over the Congress Session at Calcutta in 1906?

ANS:-  Dadabhai Naoroji

Q. The President of the Congress Sessions of 1895 and 1902 was

ANS:-  S N Banerjee

Q. The first official history of the Indian National Congress was written by

ANS:-  Pattabhi Sitaramaya

Q. Nepali is primarily spoken in which State?

ANS:-  Sikkim

Q. Dogri is primarily spoken in which State?

ANS:-  Jammu & Kashmir

Q. Commissioners for the Affairs of India were known as-

ANS:-  Board of Control

Q. The Charter Act of 1813 allotted Rupees ____________ annually for Indian learning and spread of Scientific knowledge.

ANS:-  One lakh

Q. Which planet takes the longest time to go around the sun?

ANS:-  Neptune

Q. About how much of the world’s land area is a tropical rainforest?

ANS:-  7 percent

Q. Which is the hottest planet in the Solar System?

ANS:-  Venus

Q. The largest producer of coconut in the world is

ANS:-  Indonesia

Q. There are total _________ parliamentary seats (Rajya Sabha constituency) in Odisha.

ANS:-  10

Q. ”Reserve Bank of India” is listed in the __________ list given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India.

ANS:-  Union

Q. In which year the Indian National Congress was established?

ANS:-  1885


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