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General Knowledge

For cracking any competition exams, the general knowledge and current affairs are mandatory.
General Knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam, so we thought of a system that will help people in General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge.


Q. The longest era of the classification of the history of the earth is

Pre-Cambrian era

Q. The minimum values of annual receipts of solar radiation occur at

The arctic

Q. The rock formations that cannot store groundwater are called


Q. The planet that takes the highest time for completing a rotation is


Q. The river situated along the border between the USA and Mexico is

The Rio Grande

Q. The oldest rocks found in ocean basins are ____ than the oldest continental rocks.


Q. The R-horizon of soil horizon consists of

Unweathered Bedrock

Q. The propagation of radio signals is greatly influenced by


Q. The planets with no natural satellites (reported so far) are

Mercury and Venus

Q. The plants of which of the following crops are highly sensitive to frost?


Q. The religion of Afghanistan is


Q. The reaction between compounds and oxygen is called


Q. The most well-known member of Halick group is


Q. The mountains that separate European and Arctic Russia are

The Urals

Q. The model that describes how various geological processes create, modify and influence rock is called

Rock cycle

Q. The main factor determining a region’s climate is


Q. The moon orbits the earth at a mean distance approximately

0.384 million km

Q. The mean radius of the earth is approximately

6,400 km

Q. Which of the following is a warm current?

Kurosiwo current

Q. The moon’s volume is about ____ that of earth.

1/50 th

Q. The magnetic field of the earth, Magnetosphere expands to about

64,000 km above the earth’s surface

Q. The longest epoch of the tertiary period is


Q. The main watershed of most of the peninsular river lies in the

Western Ghats

Q. The longest day (shortest night) in the southern hemisphere is

December 22

Q. The most explosive type of volcano is

The Caldera

Q. The lowest point, on land, in the world is

Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel

Q. The main percentage of the volume of water in the hydrosphere is in

Oceans and Seas

Q. Which of the following is an inland sea?

Caspian sea

Q. The most densely populated country of Africa is


Q. The most recent and logical concept regarding the origin of ocean basins and continents is that of

Continental data

Q. The saltiest sea in the world is

Dead sea

Q. The most notable example of a tectonic valley is that of the

Kashmir valley

Q. The mean distance of the earth from the sun is approximately

149,502,000 km

Q. The major graphite producing country is


Q. The maximum soil fertility occurs in the pH range of

6.0 to 7.2

Q. The mica belt of the Himalayas, the major part of it is situated in


Q. The minor planets revolving between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars are called


Q. The lowermost and the oldest epoch of the Tertiary Period of geologic time is


Q. The luminous colored ring, surrounding the sun is called the


Q. The longest ship canal in the world is the

St. Laurence Seaway (USA and Canada)

Q. The most recent era of the geological time scale is


Q. The low heating capacity of which of the types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel?


Q. The most important factor that is affecting all the chemical weathering processes is


Q. The longest river in the Commonwealth of independent states is the

Volga river

Q. The main vegetation of the steppe type climatic regions is

Large grasslands

Q. The major cause of species extinction is

Habitat loss and degradation

Q. The movement of particles by rolling, sliding and shuffling along the eroded surface is called


Q. Which of the following is an igneous rock?


Q. The hydronium ion is


Q. The most electropositive elements among the following is


Q. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is


Q. Zone refining is used for the purification of


Q. The molecule which has the highest percentage of ionic character among the following is


Q. The iron ore magnetite consists of


Q. The major constituent of air is


Q. The main chemical constituent of clay is

Aluminum silicate

Q. The mineral containing both magnesium and calcium is


Q. The metal does not give H2 on treatment with dilute HCL is


Q. The main active constituent of tea and coffee is


Q. The maximum number of isomers for an alkene with molecular formula C4H8 is


Q. The mass of P4O10 that will be obtained from the reaction of 1.33 gram of P4 and 5.07 of oxygen is

3.05 gram

Q. The metal that is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of oils is


Q. The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is


Q. The ore which is found in abundance in India is


Q. The inherited traits of an organism are controlled by

DNA molecules

Q. What are the number of moles of CO2 which contains 16 g of oxygen?

0.5 mole

Q. The monomer of polythene is


Q. The most malleable metal is


Q. The oil used in the froth floatation process is

Pine oil

Q. The items amenable to detection by soft x-rays are

Genuine coins from counterfeit coins

Q. The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is


Q. The first metal used by man was


Q. The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its


Q. The most electronegative element among the following is


Q. The metal used to recover copper from a solution of copper sulfate is


Q. The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of

p-electrons in CI(Z = 17)

Q. The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called


Q. The molecules of which gas have the highest speed?

H2 at -73oC

Q. The law which states that the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure is

Henry’s law

Q. The gas present in the stratosphere which filters out some of the sun’s ultraviolet light and provides an effective shield against radiation damage to living things is


Q. The most commonly used bleaching agent is


Q. The nucleus of a hydrogen atom consists of

1 proton only

Q. The heat required to raise the temperature of the body by 1 K is called

Thermal capacity

Q. The nuclear particles which are assumed to hold the nucleons together are


Q. The highest and lowest values of a weather element observed over the entire period of record are

Absolute extremes

Q. The highest mountain peak of Oceania is

Puncak Jaya, Indonesia.

Q. The largest gulf in the world is

Gulf of Mexico

Q. The hunting and gathering economy can support only

1 person per sq. km

Q. The import of crude oil and petroleum did from national oil companies of producer countries, which have a net exportable surplus of oil is by

Term contracts

Q. The headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), formed out of erstwhile USSR, is at

Minsk in Byelorussia

Q. The imaginary axis at which the earth rotates remains inclined at an angle of ____ to the plane of earth’s orbit.

66 1/2 °

Q. The last major glacial period began about 2,000,000 years before present and is commonly known as

Pleistocene or ice age

Q. The important mountains of Europe include

Alps, Carpathians, Pyrenees, Apennines

Q. The highest dunes are found is

The Sahara desert

Q. The layer of the earth, immediately below the crust, is called

Outer mantle

Q. The highest mountains in Africa, which is not part of any mountains chain, is

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Q. The heavier silicates named as ‘Sima’ or silica + magnesium are most abundant in the

Ocean floors

Q. The imaginary line on the earth’s surface, which closely follows the 180 º meridian, is called the

International Date Line

Q. The largest part of our hydrosphere is

Pacific ocean

Q. The gulf that separates Finland and Sweden in Europe is

The Gulf of Bothnia

Q. The largest continent in the world is


Q. The landforms that are created by massive earth movements due to plate tectonics are called

Structural landforms

Q. The largest production of mica in Asia is from


Q. The largest freshwater lake of Africa, area wise is

lake Victoria

Q. The largest city in Latin America is

Mexico city

Q. The group of minerals chemically containing hydrocarbons is

Organic group

Q. The iron ore mined at Bailadila is mostly


Q. The leading state in producing paper is?

West Bengal

Q. The largest gold producing country in the world(in 2006) is?

South Africa

Q. The largest fish exporting region in the world is?

The north-east Atlantic region

Q. The largest country of the world by geographical area is –


Q. The highest average salinity amongst the following seas is reported from

Dead Sea

Q. The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which of the following?

Fold mountains

Q. The highest mountains on earth namely Mount Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga are located in

The greater Himalayas

Q. The infrared radiation by the sun are strongly absorbed by

Carbon dioxide

Q. The island state of Australia is –


Q. The islands with coral covered surfaces in the Bay of Bengal are –

Nicobar islands


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