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For cracking any competition exams, the general knowledge and current affairs are mandatory. General Knowledge is an essential part of any competitive exam, so we thought of a system that will help people in General Knowledge.

General Knowledge Question Answer


Q. The number of major languages, recognized in the Indian Union as the official language, is


Q. The oldest rocks in India are reported from

Dharwar region, Karnataka

Q. Which of the following groups of rivers originate from the Himachal mountains?

Beas, Ravi, and Chenab

Q. Which of the following groups of states has the largest deposits of iron ore?

Bihar and Orissa

Q. Which of the following union territories of India has the highest density of population per sq km?


Q. Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?


Q. The south-west monsoon contributes ____ of the total rain in India.


Q. The Shimla Convention is an agreement that sets

Boundary between India and Tibet

Q. The oldest oil field in India is the ____ field, in ____

Digboi, Assam

Q. The oldest oil refinery in India is at

Digboi, Assam

Q. The oldest mountains in India are


Q. Which of the following groups of rivers have their source of origin in Tibet?

Brahmaputra, Indus, and Sutlej

Q. B. C. Roy Award is given in the field of


Q. In which year was Pulitzer Prize established?


Q. Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2000 was awarded to the former President of South Africa along with

Grameen Bank of Bangladesh

Q. The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award was conferred upon Ms. Kiran Bedi for her excellent contribution to which of the following fields?

Government Service

Q. Which of the following societies has instituted an award for an outstanding parliamentarian?

G. B. Pant Memorial Society

Q. Which is the highest gallantry award in India?

Param Vir Chakra

Q. Which state gives Mewar award?


Q. Who is the first Asian Winner of the Nobel Prize?

Rabindranath Tagore

Q. The first Indian to receive Noble Prize in Literature was

Rabindranath Tagore

Q. The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘Khel Ratna’ award is

Vishwanathan Anand

Q. Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of

Literature and Journalism

Q. Saraswathi Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to

the literature

Q. What is the predominant type of Indian agriculture?

subsistence agriculture

Q. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between

India and Pakistan

Q. Which of the following has a potential for harnessing of tidal energy in India?

Gulf of Cambay

Q. The typical area of sal forest in the Indian peninsular upland occurs

On the Malwa plateau

Q. The state has the largest area of forest cover in India is

Madhya Pradesh

Q. The year ____ is called a Great Divide in the demographic history of India.


Q. The only private sector refinery set up by Reliance Petroleum Ltd. is located at


Q. The only state in India that produces saffron is

Jammu and Kashmir

Q. Three important rivers of the Indian subcontinent have their sources near the Mansarover Lake in the Great Himalayas. These rivers are

Brahmaputra, Indus, and Sutlej

Q. The zonal soil type of peninsular India belongs to

Red soils

Q. The northern boundary of the peninsular plateau of Indian runs parallel to the Ganga and the Yamuna from Rajmahal hills to a point near


Q. Which of the following food grain crops occupies the largest part of the cropped area in India?


Q. The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river


Q. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about


Q. The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is

North of the Equator

Q. The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called

The Palghat gap

Q. The principal copper deposits of India lie in which of the following places?

Hazaribag and Singbhum of Bihar

Q. The Yarlung Zangbo river, in India, is known as


Q. The Salal Project is on the river


Q. The only zone in the country that produces gold is also rich in iron is

Southern zone

Q. The percentage of earth surface covered by India is


Q. The present forest area of India, according to satellite data, is


Q. India’s highest annual rainfall is reported at

Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Q. The refineries are Mathura, Digboi and Panipat are set up by

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Q. The study of soils is called


Q. The sediment deposited at the base of the glacier is called


Q. The smallest division of geological time scale is


Q. The smallest state, population-wise, in the world is

Vatican City

Q. The shortest day (longest night) in the southern hemisphere is

June 21

Q. The smallest glaciers are

Mountain or Alpine glaciers

Q. Which of the following is measured on the Richter scale?

Intensity of earthquakes

Q. The term used to describe the combined effect of all shortwave losses in

Earth albedo

Q. The study of day-to-day variations in weather called is called


Q. The soils whose parent material tend to be rich in sand are


Q. The second largest continent in the world is


Q. The temperature increases rapidly after


Q. Which of the following is concerned with the study of characteristics, origin, and development of landforms?


Q. The soils common to the southeastern USA are called


Q. The Suez canal connects the

Mediterranean sea and the Red sea

Q. The uppermost epoch of the Neogene period is

the Pliocene epoch

Q. The slow downslope movement of soil and sediment because of frost heaving and thawing is called

Frost creep

Q. The smallest country of the world is

Vatican city

Q. The smallest annual temperature range occurs in the

Equatorial tropical climate zone

Q. The short term variations of the atmosphere, ranging from minutes to months are called


Q. The tide produced as a consequence of the moon and the sun pulling the earth in the same direction is called


Q. The tropical cyclones with maximum sustained surface winds of 33 ms are called


Q. The typical soil of the tropical region, formed by the weathering of laterite rock, which promotes leaching of the soil is

Laterite soils

Q. The troughs of the waves are where the jet stream of waves is closest to the


Q. The Palaeozoic era contains ____ periods.


Q. The northern portion of the western coastal plain is called

Konkan plain

Q. The number of a topographic map is 47A/16/NW. Its scale must be

1 : 25,000

Q. The radiation belts are zones in space around the

Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn

Q. The periods of different eras are further divided into


Q. The production of wheat has increased mainly due to

increase in yield per hectare

Q. Which of the following is not a Kharif crop?


Q. The shape of the earth is

Oblate Spheroid

Q. The tertiary winds on the north of the Alps (Europe) are called

The foehn

Q. The tropical easterlies wind lie at

0-30? latitude

Q. The transport of warm air toward the poles and cold air toward the equator is due to

the development of waves

Q. The sulfites are a mineral group that contain one or more metallic elements in combination with the sulfate compound ____


Q. The names of the scientists, Newlands, Mendeleev, and Meyer are associated with the development of

Periodic table of contents

Q. The ridges of the waves are where the jet stream of waves closes to the


Q. The rate at the change of temperature is called

Temperature Gradient

Q. The obscuring of one celestial body by another, particularly that of the sun or a planetary satellite


Q. The river Sutlej, on which the Bhakra Dam has been built, originates from

Rakas lake in Tibet

Q. The process of destruction or dying of fronts is called


Q. The Palaeozoic era starts at ____ million years ago and ends at ____ million years ago.

570, 225

Q. The reaction is carbonate and bicarbonate ions with mineral is called


Q. The process of particle detachment by moving glacial ice is called


Q. Which of the following is concerned with the description and mapping of the main features of the universe?


Q. The process that creates the deep oceanic trenches is called

Plate tectonics

Q. The rainfall in the peninsular interior averages about

650 mm a year

Q. The hardest form of carbon is


Q. The most important ore of aluminum is


Q. The number of electrons presents in H+ is


Q. The hottest part of the gas flame is known as

Non-luminous zone

Q. The human body is made up of several chemical elements; the element present in the highest proportion (65%) in the body is


Q. The number of waves made by an electron moving in an orbit having a maximum magnetic quantum number is +3


Q. The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in


Q. The maximum number of covalent formed by nitrogen is


Q. The formula C6H5-CO-CH3 represents


Q. The metal that is usually extracted from seawater is


Q. The inert gases are ____ in water

Sparingly soluble

Q. The molecular formula of phosphorous is


Q. The percentage of sun’s radiation reflected into space is about

36 percent

Q. The progressive wave theory regarding of tides was put forth by

William Whewell

Q. The platform and the basement rock together form


Q. The planet with the maximum number of natural satellites (moons), so far discovered is


Q. The river Jordan drains into the

Dead Sea

Q. The ratio of land to ocean in the southern hemisphere is

1 to 4

Q. The polar diameter is ____ to the equatorial diameter.


Q. The ratio of the weight of water vapor to the total weight of air (including the water vapor) is called

Specific humidity

Q. The process of soil development is called


Q. The Panama canal links

North America with South America

Q. The Rhine river of northern Europe empties into

The North sea

Q. The part of the earth and the thin layer of air above its surface, which support life on earth, are referred to as



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